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SUDSnet will organise meetings and co-sponsor events with other organisations. These events are listed below.

For more information on any of the events listed contact the SUDSnet coordinator.




CIWEM Ecosystem Services Debate

Ecosystem Services: Must everything have a monetary value? Several prominent speakers will present their arguments at this debate on 26th February 2014 at Abertay University. Download Flyer for full details.

Mainstreaming Innovation Webinar: SUDS in Scotland

Alison Duffy, Abertay University, will speak at this Webinar at 12:00 on 21st February, which will present the current state of SUDS implementation and maintenance in Scotland, and the agenda for taking SUDS forward. Full details are available from the Mainstreaming Innovation website.


Cafe Science: Wonderful Wetlands - Getting Low Cost, Low Carbon Energy from Constructed Wetlands

Dr Kiran Tota-Maharaj, Abertay University, will speak at this FREE Cafe Science Event at Dundee Science Centre on 12th February 2014. Full details are available from the Cafe Science website or the attached Flyer


SUDS Update Event

CREW/SUDSnet/SUDS Working Party Meeting on Monday 18th November 2013

This SUDS Update Event at the Scottish Government offices in Edinburgh was to present the findings from two recent CREW projects and to introduce international surface water management approaches from London, Berlin and Melbourne.

CREW Projects:

Invited Speakers:

Peter Robinson: Green Streets @ Counters Creek (London)

Heiko Sieker: Rummelsburgher & Hoppegarton - Redevelopments in Berlin

Tony Barrett: How Melbourne water's '10,000 Raingardens' project was implemented in Kingston Council, SE Australia

Please click here to see presentations of the day.


Call for papers is now closed - but look out for the special issue on SUDS at the end of 2013 (posted Sept 2013)

CLEAN - Soil, Air, Water - the SUDS Issue

This issue of the Journal 'CLEAN' will focus on Surface water management using sustainable drainage – SUDS

Guest Editors: Sue Charlesworth (Coventry University, UK) and Rebecca Wade (University of Abertay Dundee, UK)

Web link for the Journal CLEAN

The papers in this Special Issue focus on sustainable drainage or SUDS – measures which provide sustainable approaches to urban
water management and which deliver multiple benefits. In line with the remit of the journal CLEAN – Soil, Air, Water, this insight into
SUDS science and research progress provides forward-oriented sustainable approaches to holistic water management in urban areas,
rather than end-of-pipe remediation and pollution clean-up.
The timing of this special issue coincides with international advancement in this sector. In the UK, The Flood and Water Management
Act (England and Wales) and the Flood Risk Management Act (Scotland) have focussed attention on sustainable surface water
management approaches such as SUDS. Whilst they are a relatively recent concept in England and Wales, they are more established in
Scotland and examples exist of SUDS strategies which have been utilised around the world over recent decades. SUDS have many
benefits and are increasingly being recognised as a flexible approach to dealing with problems associated with excess or poor quality
surface water.
This Special Issue gives those interested in SUDS access to some of the latest research in this area including Infiltration, Modelling,
Biofilms and Microbiology, Ecosystem Services, SUDS design, Amenity, SUDS and Roads, Integrated Urban Design, SUDS and
Climate change and Green Infrastructure in Cities.
The deadline for submission of manuscripts is March 1, 2013 and submissions have to be made through the electronic submission
system used by the CLEAN – Soil, Air, Water ( We would also welcome your reply by email
(to: if you plan to submit a manuscript and if so, to provide a tentative title of your paper and also
indicate whether it will be a review article or an original work.



SUDS News and Events 2013:

WaterTown game is now available on line

Link to

WaterTown is a new and fun way to learn about resolving sustainable drainage, flooding and other urban water management issues.  WaterTown is an interactive game which challenges players to demonstrate their knowledge of water management issues within urban areas. You have to balance capital investment decisions to reduce damage or flood risk with the happiness of the local residents.  WaterTown can be played by anyone from senior school pupils, through urban professionals to community groups wanting to improve their local environment. This is the trial version of Watertown and we would like to have feedback from users so please take a look.  Which browser? Right now it works better in Firefox than in Internet Explorer but we will soon fix that.  There are many improvements still to be made and the next release will be on 12th February.  The full public release version will be released in April 2013.

WaterTown was developed as part of the EU project ‘Skills Integration for new technologies in the Water Sector (SKINT)’ with partners in the UK, Netherlands, Norway and Germany. If you would like to find out more about that project go to


Keep informed and Take part in the SUDS debate:

Check out SUSDRAIN - an exciting new community that provides a range of free resources for those involved in delivering sustainable drainage systems (SuDS). ciria-susdrain

Have a look at the Aco Drainage Journal Blog and join the blog!:



Other news and Events:

Training & CPD


SUDS Online Courses from University of Abertay Dundee

Building upon the success of ten years of SUDS Online Abertay are pleased to announce an updated and expanded range of online SUDS courses. These courses provide up to the minute guidance and best practice for SUDS design and operation, and are intended for practitioners, regulators and maintaining organisations.

These courses will be of considerable interest to those who have to be part of and engage with SUDS Approval Bodies (SABs).

1. SUDS Operation & Maintenance (SOAM), 19th January 2015.

SOAM is a six week course and has been developed following considerable interest from designers and maintainer's wishing to develop a better understanding of what maintenance SUDS actually need, and what constitutes effective maintenance. The course has been developed by an industry expert and is based upon experience of operating and maintaining SUDS.

Course Content: Introduction to SUDS and Operation and Maintenance / Inlets and Outlets / Access and Safety / General Inspection and Maintenance Activity / Reporting and Operational Examples / Main Assignment.

2. SUDS Concepts & Design Principles (CDP), 6th October 2014.

SUDS CDP (formerly SUDS Online) is a ten week course delivering technical information for the design of SUDS. The course has been re-developed to reflect recent changes in legislation, design and ownership responsibility for SUDS in the UK; it is suitable for those involved with design, auditing an adoption of SUDS.

Course Content: Introduction to SUDS / Treatment Train / SUDS Techniques / SUDS Design 1 / SUDS Design 2 / SUDS Performance / SUDS Regulation / Case Study / Current and Emerging Issues / Main Assignment.

3. SUDS 4 Roads (S4R), 11th August 2014.

S4R is a six week course providing guidance for SUDS used within the road environment. The complex nature of SUDS responsibilities means that a diverse group of professionals are involved with SUDS design for roads; this is for all parties with an interest in SUDS design, construction, adoption and aftercare and not solely for roads engineers.

S4R has been developed in line with the SUDS for Roads (2010) manual commissioned and guided by SCOTS and the SUDS Scotland Working Party, and authored by WSP. The course is suitable for Local Authorities, Developers and Consultants.

Course Content: Basic Concepts / Design and Detailing / SUDS for Roads Selection Tool and Worked Examples / Trunk Roads and Motorways / Additional Considerations / Main Assignment.


Courses are available to book via the Abertay Online Store:

or for more information contact Leanne Gallagher at Email: / Tel: 00 44 (0)1382 308170


SUDSnet National and International SUDS conferences 2009 & 2011 & 2012                                                          

SUDS Conferences:

To view and download proceedings and slides from previous SUDSnet events see the Downloads Pages


NEW Jobs and Graduate Opportunities                                                                                           


See news section at top of page for the latest vacancies                                                    



Other news:

  SUDSnet is 'Outstanding' success                                                                                                       March 2008  

Sudsnet is ‘Outstanding' Success - 4th March 2008

"A UK-wide network created by Abertay and Coventry Universities for professionals interested in sustainable urban drainage systems has been given top marks by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC).

SUDSnet which provides users with information about training and employment opportunities, possible research collaborations, networking and events was designed by researchers in Abertay's Urban Water Technology Centre and at Coventry University with funding from the EPSRC.

More than 400 experts including students, academics, industry specialists in town planning, house building and regulatory bodies like SEPA use the network every day to exchange ideas and information on current projects and other issues.

A review of the network by the EPSRC has given SUDSnet the highest rating of ‘outstanding' and described it as ‘internationally leading'.

In the report the EPSRC reviewers said: “This is a well organised and highly respected network which has proved value for money from government funding.

“There is every expectation that value will continue to increase as the network continues to grow beyond the funding completion date.”

The findings confirm Abertay's status as the top ranking university in Scotland for environmental research. Scotland 's first degrees in bioinformatics and biotechnology were launched here.

The University is also home to SIMBIOS (the Scottish Informatics, Mathematics, Biology and Statistics Centre) where mathematical modelling techniques are applied to environmental and biomedical process."

To visit the University of Abertay Dundee website:






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